The Secret City Half Marathon is in scenic Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  

Oak Ridge, made famous for its role in Manhattan Project (WWII), was a Secret City for most of the 20th century.  It only began showing up on maps in the mid-1960's.  Today Oak Ridge is a thriving city,  home to cutting edge science and technology research and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.  Its conveniently situated about 20-miles west of Knoxville and 90 miles north of Chattanooga.  

Come to Oak Ridge, for a one of a kind race experience!      



Join us for the Secret City 5km Road Race.  The race route starts/finishes at the Oak Ridge Civic Center and takes runners around the center Oak Ridge past Oak Ridge High School, the American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge Associated Universities and Bissell Park's International Friendship Bell!



For Sponsorship information and opportunities please contact Lisa Kendall at 865-482-7821 or .